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27 January 2009 @ 09:19 pm

SUPERDUPER  NEGLECT. I am really bad at this! I do only have one friend so I suppose no one is really missing out!

Anyway SO MUCH has happened since I last LJ-ed. I mean, it’s whole NEW YEAR people!!i am a different AGE…it’s been SO LONG I forgot what my password was (cool eh?! L)

Anyway I my long absence has not been wasted! I have reacquainted myself with the AMAZINGNESS of Jane Eyre (for educational purposes). I forgot how much I loved it. Or rather how much I loved Rochester! Haha. He’s so angsty and grumpy and slightly evil. Also in the BBC film he occasionally dresses as Rupert the bear and wears good hats.
          (yes i made these in about 2mins in order to illustate my point!)

I had to write a piece of coursework based on Jane Eyre. Unfortunately it was crap so will never be seen by human eyes. However I would have been overjoyed if I had written something as GREAT as this..


also some geniuses/very bored people made this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpjhWdZrbRQ&feature=related

slightly childish humour but BOTH amazing!

Unfortunately reading Jane Eyre also means I have to read Wide Sargasso Sea THE MOST depressing book ever. Antoinette is a child and has creepy orchid sexual innuendo as well as depressing praying for death.  Also Rochester is simply PURE EVIL in it. Why Jean Rhys WHY?

I saw twilight in the cinema. I actually really enjoyed it. Mainly ‘cause clichés are happy and it was an entertaining film. I went with my friend who has some form of personal vendetta against it (I have several emails from her titled “TWILIGHT MUST DIE”.) In a way I agree, I mean come on people- THEY SPARKLE IN THE SUNLIGHT. But then again that game of baseball was AWESOME.

Having said all of this, I HAVENT actually read the book so maybe I am being unfair.

I have been reading quite a bit of manga lately though! Mainly shoujo rubbish! hurrah!

Here is a list and what I thought…
Absolute Boyfriend: haha.
7th Period is a secret: Student/teacher relationships= me creeped out
Hana Kimi: I absolutely loved this. Genderbender amazement!i really enjoyed all of it!
Fall in love like a comic: utter rubbish. Super loveydovey. A little sickening.
Bitter Virgin: super depressing, I didn’t bother reading it all. It’s really sad but also I think I can predict the ending.
Naruto: as always SUPER cool
Bakuman: THE PLOT THICKENS. he’s gunna be thingys assistant?!
Ouran High School Host Club: So far I’m loving it. Nicely comical. I have no idea what the ending will be.

I also read my first Dan Brown novel, Angels and Demons. I love a good mystery and don’t really care if things are badly written so thought it really ROCKED! Hehe. Best last line ever.


ALSO I have now watch all ELEVEN of the pokemon movies (clearly TOO MUCH time on my hands). They got steadily worse but there is no beating pokemon!

Next on my tasks of things to do is get a display picture thingy!
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29 September 2008 @ 09:14 pm

G'day LJ!

again NEGLECT! although not for so long! Actually the other day a friend came over and did some stuff to my account that involves "watching communities" which sounds a little creepy/pervy.BUT i'm sure is fun! he he

school is, well, school. Unfortunately for me i have been distracting my self with the whimsical excitement of Serif Photo Plus! Oh the fun i've had!As a result of this immense detoure from school life i have done NO HOMEWORK for about 4 days which is by all standards in my life 4 day TOO LONG.

i did, however, do an awesome presentation on chapter 14 of Jane Eyre and believe you me it is not an interesting chapter. GRRRRRrrrrr.

I am rather a little TOO excited about Heroes being back on Wednesday, last series was short and a bit rubbish so i'm hoping they have upped their game and included more of Milo look pretty!!

I REALLY need to find my self a userpic and some more friends (hello one friend!)

the world is against me as i CANNOT figure out how anything works, i mean my profile=dull.

i think i might try posting something on a community but i don't know how that works either. *sobs* Why is my knowledge of computers no better than that of an old age pensioner, in fact very possibly worse than some.

in other news i saw some films recently-ish Pineapple Express and The Duchess. Could there be two more opposite films?? i think not?

Pineapple Express was funny but the ending was annoying and i am bored of the main character guy he's in everything (knocked up, superbad etc.) obviously Spideys bestie was a plus but he wasn't as watchable as usual either. Maybe i was just in a grumpy mood?

The Duchess was sad but as per my usual stony coldness everyone was crying around me and not a tear! There was a funny moment, well it wasn't funny as such, basically there was some verging on some girl/girl and everyone was horrified. Then me and my other friend were like "Have you ever watched TV, nothing happened?!?" i mean for real nothing happened. It is now immensely fun creeping up behind my friends and whispering "imagine i'm Charles Grey" in their ear.HILARIOUS reactions. Also i think i am possibly slightly obsessed with in awe of Kiera Knightly! he he!

This was a very unorganised post. sorry!

 also can't believe i have put "me and my other friend were like.."


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17 September 2008 @ 07:18 pm

Oh my! i have been neglecting you!
Well tbh there hasn't been much to say. I passed some GCSEs! (2 A* and the rest As, in YOUR FACE predicted grades).I'm back at school.

Anywho i have the windows vista version of word and i just found all the cool picture effects on it and got WAY too excited! They are REALLY fun.

This is what i made...

hehe! Whitey-chan love!

i am aware it isn't particularly clever or thrilling but COME ON PEOPLE i did the whole thing on word.


20 August 2008 @ 10:48 pm
i'm back in the world of civilasation. computers and TVs and EVERYTHING.

To celebrate here is the only other picture i have bothered to unload so far!

he he

Atleast I find MYSELF amusing

results on the morro so i will go distract myself with pretty pictures.

27 July 2008 @ 04:12 pm

well, this is my first post and that's right i have NO idea what the hell i'm doing or how anything works. 
To be honest i joined at first so i could leave a comment a friends profile but i don't want to waste the time i spent setting it up. Boy, did that take me a while.

Anywho, here is an image i created for said friend (because she is crazy about Narnia crew, spec Wilmo) and cleverly i put her name instead of Skandar's. Clever eh?
but just in case anyone else wants to use it i thought i'd replace it with his name, giving a whole different meaning to the picture!

i am truly awful at typing. oh dear. 

hopefully so time soon i will find a userpic or make one (HA unlikely, have no skills)

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